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Write 7 pages with APA style on Malaysian Censorship Policy and It’s Effect. The policies were later revised in 2002, under the Film censorship act, which guides the films that should be viewed, through the provision that the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia is authorized to license and or ban films and movies as it deems appropriate, to control the content of such movies, that are viewable by the public (Chooi, 13).The reasoning behind the introduction of such policies was to build a moral Malaysia. The Board is required to first view all the scenes in a movie or film and if such scenes prove to have elements of nudity or kissing, then the board is responsible to cut the scene. This policy guideline has seen the Board ban over one hundred movies just in a decade, due to the allegations that such movies do not uphold the principles of morality (Aversa, P12). The basis of such censorship is to maintain the standards of morality and spirituality high in Malaysian community, by eliminating such challenges as presented by the films, in that there is a great relationship between sex, violence, and criminal offenders, as shown on the screen (Zappei, A8). The major elements that are of interest to the Board regarding any film or movie produced are nudity, sex, religious blasphemy, and violence.Any religious theme that appears sensitive in films is also a point of higher concern by the board (Davis, 7). The board rates the movies based on their content, issuing guidance on the ones that should be allowed an audience by the public, based on their moral content and banning the ones it considers inappropriate. On the part of religious discrimination advanced by these censorship policies and guidelines, any film with Israeli religion or Hebrew religious content is not allowed for viewing in Malaysia. Another element that is outrightly banned is any element of Rastafarian in the films, more so if it has anything to do with Zionism (Cruz, 14). Such religious content is considered inappropriate for the religious standings of the Malaysian community.&nbsp.

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