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Write 9 pages with APA style on Offshore Outsourcing. The changes in recent years have led to questions of whether the strategy should continue or if policies and new controls should become implemented in the global environment that many are now a part of. Why Use Outsourcing? The growth of offshore outsourcing has taken place over recent years for a variety of reasons. Corporations have used this as the main strategy to assist with the growth of companies and to offer new approaches to human resources in various departments. The main reasons that companies are attracted to this begin with low labour costs. The human resource expectations are continuing to grow with technologies and advancements in corporations. Low labour costs allow corporations to continue to expand the operations that are associated with the company without paying the growing costs that are in the developed country. This is combined with benefits in finding a variety of skills and human resources that would not be available in other countries. Most in developing countries have a variety of skills as well as a work ethic that is based on offering the most conducive solutions to companies. By finding the right areas for training and development while looking into human resources at a lower cost, corporations are able to benefit with their business while continuing to grow in prospects for their company. The ability to combine cost-effective solutions and human resources are only two of a variety of factors that add to the strategy of offshore outsourcing.&nbsp. The popularity of outsourcing to other countries has also grown in recent years because of the theories of globalization that are associated with outsourcing.&nbsp. This is based on the ideologies of strategic management theory that are associated with outsourcing.&nbsp. This states that a business will be able to manage the offshore operations easily by opening various management components with the business. This makes it easier for the corporation to move into the region while establishing both offices and outlets that connect to those in the company. By doing this, companies are able to grow their human resources as well as the growth of the company in terms of getting noticed by those in the region. This allows the company to develop more consumers and to identify target markets overseas. The recognition of the company into overseas development then helps with the expansion of a business both in terms of human resources and consumption from the globalization that is building. In recent years, this has become an important component, as most corporations have the desire to become multinational and to create the needed approach to their expanding their business into offshore operations. How Service Providers Favor Businesses There is a difference between the trade of goods, as opposed to services that come from offshore outsourcing. This is essential for international trade because of what is offered in terms of training and development and how this affects the corporation. The products offered are usually established by a corporation that already has established a system and which requires the manufacturing of specific products. However, services require human resources and the establishment of professionals within the arena. This means that training and development need to be offered in the region. This also means that resources need to be provided to those in the region.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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