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Write a 1 page paper on coaching model. Coaching Model Pictorial of the Model The above coaching model incorporates three integral models that play a critical role towards improving employee performance in every organization. Therefore, every manager needs to sit down with his or her employees and use this model to discuss issues that inhibit performance in the organization because it allows employees to give instant feedback to their manager regarding responsibility. The reason why I chose purpose is that employees need to have a sense of personal purpose to help an organization meet its target objectives. An employee needs to be aware that he or she is an integral part of the organizations. The task each employee undertakes plays a huge part in the realisation of an organization’s objectives. Perspectives in this case refer to factors such as values and motivations that drive the employee to perform the delegated tasks diligently. Apparently, in an organization where workers lack motivation from the top management fails to meet its target objectives compared to an organization that boasts of motivated employees. Process refers to the manner that dictates performance of tasks such as working as a team with an intention of improving performance.An employer must ensure that his or her employees exhibit a sense of purpose and understand their delegated roles within the organization. Gray (2010) substantiates that employees with a sense of personal direction usually exhibit high performance levels. Managers need to embark on improving workers motivation such as offering fringe benefits to them because high motivation levels translate to greater employee productivity. Lastly, a manager must develop effective process within the organization such as in service training of employees because highly trained employees usually exhibit high productivity within the organization.ReferencesGray, D. E. (2010). Business coaching for managers and organizations: Working with coaches who make the difference. Amherst, Mass: HRD.

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