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Write a 11 pages paper on planning an it infrastructure audit for compliance. With such an evaluation, the company will be able to streamline the inter-company communication effectiveness and departmental communications (Newsom & Haynes, J. 2014. P66). Planning, the IT audit, entails gathering information to formulate an audit plan and to gain insight of the available internal control structure of the IT.The Planning and IT infrastructure audit is a valuable practice to local and global organizations. The audit planning process directly affects the quality of the outcome. A proper plan ensures that resources are focused on the right areas and that potential problems are identified early. A successful audit first outlines what’s supposed to be achieved as well as what procedures will be followed and the required resources to carry out the procedures. The information to be collected is regulatory statutes, inherent risk assessment, recent financial information, and past audit results. Besides the auditors will require to avail information such as control procedures, equate total risks, control risk assessment, and control environment to gain an understanding of the present internal control structure. With all this prior audit information, auditors will be in a position to formulate a useful audit plan. The audit plan must details the time and cost required to execute IT infrastructure audit. It also needs to show the different areas and activities to be engaged during IT auditing process.The scope of planning and IT infrastructure audit: Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is a Canadian IT organization that manages and controls the IT infrastructure of two government organizations. It also provides auditing and IT security services to various digital organizations in Canada. CBSA performs frequent IT infrastructure audit to appraise how effective and efficient the organization execute it operations and activities.

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