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Write a 11 pages paper on why do identity theft offenders target middle class women at shopping malls & how can we prevent this from happening. The paper intends to state that IPv4/IPv6 provides assistance to frame solid and customize networking system in the area of IP addressing system, security communication and data transmission for the various users. United Nation Convention through the implementation of IPv4/IPv6 evaluates various protections, controlling and combating measures against trafficking of the middle class women and various criminal offenses and impulses.In the contemporary society, identity theft is becoming one of the emerging issues affecting people, especially women of middle class. The identity theft offender target women of middle class as they are not very tech savvy and are not aware of the aspect of confidentiality and privacy while operating technology or cards. In this context, it is worth mentioning that middle class women are getting more inclined towards shopping in the modern era. Owing to this increasing trend of shopping the identity theft offenders are targeting middle class women wherein the shopping mall acts as a medium. It is observed that women tend to spend much of their time in shopping on regular basis at shopping mall. The lack of tech awareness makes women a soft target as they are not very expert in using their plastic cards while shopping malls (Pratt et al., 2010). The chances of maintaining confidentiality and privacy are lacked amid the people of middle class. The identity theft offenders use shopping mall as a medium to target the middle class women in order to get data and misuse the same. Due to this lack of technical awareness women were getting targeted and affected in a negative manner. The information can be easily collected by the offenders through shopping malls as due to lack of knowledge women do not use the cards and their details in a confidential manner.

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