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Write a 8 pages paper on zeus. His ways are inscrutable and his mind too is opaque, but given that the literature says that all things happen only because Zeus allow them to happen. Conversely that nothing comes to pass without him. This is true for instance as a view of Zeus as reflected in Aeschylus plays, in particular in the ‘Agamemnon’. He is all seeing, and he is the one who is at the back of everything that transpires not only among men but among gods too. He is the supreme ruler in Greek mythology (Dowden 3).The inscrutable aspect of Zeus is affirmed in the literature, from Homer to Aeschylus to the various philosophers who tried to decipher his nature and failed Instead he is portrayed as having very human qualities and traits, including those traits that are in the realm of the baser aspects of human nature, such as lust, and the propensity for rage, and for revenge for different kinds of slights. On the other hand, his power is supreme over all things on heaven and on earth, and the ways of the universe themselves are a testament to his brand of justice and the immensity of his power. On the other hand, that power is seen as being wielded by a god who is at times filled with whimsy, or so as it is interpreted by human beings (Dowden 4).The mythological stories from ancient Greece tell us that Zeus was born in Crete, to Rhea and to Kronos,who tried to swallow him whole, but who was prevented from doing so by his own wife. This Rhea did by swapping the young Zeus with a stone. The Curetes, dancing wildly to mask the cries of the young Zeus, prevent the father from hearing the baby Zeus. They become Zeus’ guardians, together with Amaltheia, a goat, Kronos is bound, but the Titans try to launch a counter-revolt known as the Titanomachy, to shore up Kronos’ hold on power, and the Titans were essentially held and confined to Tartarus.

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