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You will prepare and submit a term paper on DO GOOD ETHICS PAY FOR THEMSELVES MULTIPLE ETHICAL CRISES AT MAGMACORP: Addressing Corporate Ethical Issues. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length. When I mention non – ethical, it does not mean that these practices should escort to a path where some party has a lot to lose, like in our present scenario, where 2 girls committed suicide due to the advertisements.Unethical practices here might be some practices that could break the company’s fundamental policies or principles for either the betterment of the company without a severe loss of any living being or either to get the company out of a dilemma.Although Mr. Tightpenny has some very excellent explanation on his behalf, the fact can not be ignored that the practices supported by Mr. Tightpenny were far too awkward to save him from being criticized in this report to the management. whereas the concepts and intense leniency by Mr. Leftbrain could bankrupt the whole company.Therefore, bearing the above facts and my 100 day Plan of Action in mind I would further suggest in this report how to manage this situation by maintaining the balance between ethical and non – ethical business practices while keeping the profits and goodwill of the company abreast.During my 100 day Plan of action, I became aware of many facts that are sure to get missed by the esteemed upper management of the company. Taking these facts as our prime source of any decision we will procure a much better plan of action for the company.Mr. Tightpenny can not be trusted. (Please refer to the quote “the only time ethics become a company concern is when you get caught. Just don’t get caught.”, by Mr. Tightpenny when he was drunk in a bar.)Mr. Leftbrain is a peoples man, that is, he cares more for his employees well being than his own company’s, therefore I guess it is safe to state in the favour of Magma Corp. that he can’t be trusted either.Thus, with the above situations in mind, I have come to an assumption that Mr. Tightpenny cares more for the company than Jack Leftbrain, secondly, another assumption that I’ve made is that Mr.

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