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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Enrolling for MBA Studies at the United States of America. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. PERSONAL MENT OF THE OF THE INSTITUTIONSI was born raised and molded in the lovely land of Indonesia in the Asian continent. I grew up and developed like an average child would. The time came for me to join school and I started the long road of acquiring education. The new environment in a boarding Academy school was challenging but I had to cope and adapt to the situations. I had to follow the same routine on a daily basis waking up early in the morning and spending close to eight hours in class and sleeping was always late in the night at eleven. Dad and mum always told me that I had to be disciplined and hardworking in everything for me to be successful in life. They were my source of encouragement and inspiration. I heeded to their advice and took my education seriously. I did excel in everything and this could at times caused envy among my peers. Some would even call me the teacher’s pet. Afterwards, I joined High School which was also a Diocese boarding school. This time I was really missing my parents at home but my father kept on promising me for good performance. Those promises motivated me so much that I had to forget missing home. My favorite discipline was business studies. I even dreamt of becoming a business consultant.My hard work paid off and I excelled well in my High school studies. Since my father owned a successful business, he supported me in applying for admission at various local and international universities. Fortunately, I got a letter of admission and enrolled for a BS in Management. I could now achieve my long-term goal of becoming a professional business administrator. I was very excited at this. Things were tough but through my zeal, determination together with a can do attitude made me work harder aiming at getting all the concepts. After four years of hard work, I managed to graduate with a BS in Management second class honors Upper Division in the year 2011.I was delighted and Dad and Mum being quite overwhelmed by my performance, they sent me to USA where I secured a job with a US based Aviation Company as an Account Leader in sales and I am currently working there. I will be enrolling for my MBA studies here at the United States of America to crown my Bachelors with advanced skills and knowledge from the studies. After I am through with my post-baccalaureate study, I will return to Indonesia and help my Father to expand his business activities, instill to its management high business administration skills and techniques. i will also register and open a business consultation company, that will provide the following services to the society, functioning as bridges for information and knowledge, bridging services more economically than customer firms themselves and varied experience outside the client company, provide specialized skills on tasks that would involve high internal coordination costs such as organization-wide changes or the implementation of information technology, provide economies of skills because of its focus and experience in gathering information worldwide and across and industries will be rendering their information search less costly.

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