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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Serial Killers. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. The essay “Serial Killers” will provide that murders kill their victims and then have a period of break which can extend sometimes to long years. A killer may only take one life and end up committing suicide, for instance, a spree killer. Serial killers kill sometimes may be for fun, they have an urge that compels them to kill. Most of them are sick and are motivated by their sexual gratification sometimes even if there is a lack of an assault sexually. they end up on the thrill. A killer may embark on murder assault on the victim in a short span of time and maybe in many locations. The major difference between a serial killer and a spree killer may be the lack of the cooling period, the period between one successful murder and the next murder. Serial killers commit murders as completely separate events that happen at distinct periods of times. On the other hand, the killer attacks are defined by one single incident that has no particular distinctive period in time between one murder and the next murders. Serial killers murder those they do not know. According to Bartol, a killer, on the other hand, murders people regardless of whether he or she knows you or not. Although the serial killers and killers are sick people and are as dangerous as each other, they are distinct in characteristics. Most killers may kill many victims in a short span of time, in most cases days or hours. Killers usually choose their victims at random. In some cases, their targets may result from some particular groups. Occasionally, a killer may take his or her own life after killing and/ or receiving the urge to take life. This is probably because the authorities can easily realize that the killer is not stable and in most cases likely to have the killer shot to death so as to protect themselves from him or her. Some killers plot their murders while others just commit it as it comes their way with the strong urge to take someone’s life. Contrary, serial killers often target a single person at a time and its one on one. Usually there is no relationship between the victim and the serial killer. Various studies have cited sexual behaviors to be the causative factors of such murders committed by serial killers. The element of sex in the crime is different and depends entirely on what it means to the offender.

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