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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis of nike and advertisements. The advertisement from Nike is a very different and innovative one, something, not most business enterprises would be able to publish in the print media. This is because it shows a young boy peeing in the corner with a caption that reads “Just Do It”. It is indeed a very persuasive and catchy to the image as well. The entire image tries to depict and make a consumer understand on his subconscious level, how important it is to just do things without thinking twice about them. It tries to make people understand that mostly when people think about carrying out an action a few more times, they chicken out by the entire idea and are not able to follow through or implement. With the help of the young boy in the image, it tries to tell people that when they were young, they did not have a care in their minds and would just do whatever they felt like. However, with age comes responsibility and most of the times the heavy weight of the responsibility that people carry on their shoulders, weighs them down and they are unable to do things for themselves. This advertisement has helped to bridge that very gap by showing the young boy peeing on the road – an indication of a young carefree mind, not bothering about the implications and ‘just doing it’. in this case, ‘just buying’ products from the brand Nike. (Nike) The second advertisement from the is an image of a naked man standing with three soldiers in a war zone, completely armed and thus, ‘protected’. This ad is from a company of condoms and thus is trying to tell the consumers how important it is to be protected while having sexual intercourse with their partners. With the help of the soldiers and guns in the war zone, the advertisement helps the consumer to form an image in their heads of the particular condom providing the best results. It is an analogy that suggests that the condom will provide as much protection to the men that make use of it, as arms and bulletproof clothing provide soldiers in a war-like an environment. Again, it is a very persuasive advertisement with the tag line ‘Don’t Be Stupid’.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.

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