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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on create an interview guide. Does she have depression, concentration and eating problems, a feeling of overwhelmed and dizziness, a sense of isolation and loneliness, and irritability problem?The main purpose of conducting this interview is to collect in-depth information about the plight of Susan White and help find a solution for her diagnosis. Therefore, it is an informal and informational interview that seeks only to gather the information. In this view, the structure of the interview should comprise of three parts. That is the beginning, the body and a strong ending.The beginning is mainly composed of small talk that establishes rapport, sets the tone, and provides a personal link between the interviewer and interviewee. These two individuals should be just themselves. They should not force anything.The middle or the body is comprised of the exchange of one-on-one information. All concerns about family and work relationships, financial issues, work conditions and environment, personal health and safety, and nature of the job should be addressed here to make a clear conclusion.A strong finish or ending serves to affirm the interviewer an in-depth understanding of what is ailing the interviewee, its source, and how to manage the issue at hand. With this information, the interviewer can be in a position to identify and provide a solution to the interviewee.First and foremost, take the first few minutes to establish the rapport of the interview to the interviewee. The establishment of the rapport enhances the outcome of the interview. Secondly, orient the interviewee by explaining the nature, purpose and the length of the interview. This gives an interviewee a sense of belonging. Also, clarify the procedure to follow and what is expected from the interviewee. Lastly, summarize the reason for the interview (Kadushin. (2012).People come from different backgrounds with different cultural beliefs.

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