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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on diagnosis, treatment, and re-integration for soldiers with symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome. Individuals who suffer from PTSD re-experience the traumatic episode throughout in their minds, and it is usually done through flashbacks and nightmares. The thoughts can become so severe and realistic that the person begins to dissociate, experiences minimized functioning in normal daily life, and becomes a stranger to family members and friends. It is associated with other illnesses like substance abuse, mental and physical problems, and depression. Parenting concerns, relationship issues, and marital problems often disrupt the family system (Moon, 2006).The symptoms of PTSD include the individual having flashbacks or nightmares of traumatic events (even when the victim is awake), attempting hard not to think of the event, or evading circumstances that remind the individual of it and feeling emotional detachment or numbness from people around the individual or his surroundings. Other symptoms include incapability to recall the specifics of the trauma, easily startled or feeling jumpy and hypervigilance, or being frequently on high alert (Cannoneer and Sherman, 2012). The aforementioned symptoms may be used as an indication that an individual suffers from PTSD.It is important to note that it is common for soldiers to want to find out why they are acting or feeling the way they do. However, knowing whether they suffer from PTSD is difficult. Only skilled behavioral professionals are capable of helping the soldier deal with what he is feeling. The provider is supposed to use his judgment and training to test and diagnose what is ailing the patient and interpret the outcomes to determine the possible best treatment. It is imperative to stress out that only trained professionals like mental health provider or a doctor should attempt to evaluate PTSD (Cannoneer and Sherman, 2012).Screening for a psychological disorder is a good way of identifying workers at substantial risk because of their different levels of exposure to trauma.

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