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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on direct digital and database marketing. Many firms are doing their business in this category. Personal relationships with customers are very important to build satisfaction (Crosby, & Stephens, 1987). Relationship marketing is an old concept but gained a significant place in the field of marketing. The momentum of its development evolves from the development of services marketing with a focus on quality perspective followed by technological advancements. Traditional merchants did not know the concept of relationship marketing. The emergence of this concept was slower until it was observed that customers should be the focal point of the organization, and they must be considered important even after the purchase is done. Today relationship marketing is considered as a prominent practice for marketing and research purpose.The traditional concept of implementing marketing concept is the process of applying the marketing mix (4 P’s). Although it is universally accepted and implemented, still the model is limited and restricted. According to research conducted in Europe in the domain of service marketing, forms the loopholes in the traditional way, and identify a new definition of marketing. According to the study marketing is not something that what customers want from the company, it is creating value for them. It is the establishment and delivering the long-term customer relationship with customers. This market-oriented approach is less towards specialization and more towards management responsibilities (Grönroos, 1990).The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is a charity organization for saving lives at sea. RNLI provides a 24-hour lifeboat and rescue service throughout United Kingdom and Ireland. RNLI is committed to saving lives through their valuable safety measure, lifeguards and most importantly lifeboats (RNLI, 2014a). Since its inception in 1824, the institute has saved more than 140,000 lives as the national institution for the preservation.

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