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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why i wish to become an osteopathic physician and why i think ohio university college of osteopathic medicine is a good choice f. Why I wish to become an osteopathic physician and why I think Ohio College of Osteopathic Medicine is a good choice for me? I am well aware that the curricula in an osteopathic medical school is almost the same as that of the allopathic medical schools and an osteopathic physician enjoys the same responsibilities, rights and privileges as an MD. However, it is my conviction that an osteopathic physician is a bit different if not way apart from an allopathic physician in the sense that osteopathy is a more pragmatic, realistic and hands on approach towards physical maladies. Administering medicine or surgery does have their importance and relevance in the curing of disease, but more important and practical in any therapeutic approach is to exploit the body’s innate capacity to heal and cure itself. Human body inevitably has a quintessential and undeniable mechanical aspect associated with it and the body’s structures and functions are intimately related to each other. So, being an osteopathic physician offers to me the best of both worlds. To begin with, it allows me to approach a patient’s malady with a more noninvasive approach, using her and if required, aiding her intrinsic healing ability through osteopathic manipulation and approach. At the same time, it extends to me the confidence and reassurance that if the things get drastic and require a more imminent line of therapy, I can always resort to the allopathic and surgical aspects of my training to gain control. Osteopathy is an approach towards healing that is perfectly in consonance with my personal philosophy and beliefs about illness and healing. I am particularly interested in joining Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine because it is a reputed and esteemed institution dedicated to extending learning centered and clinically integrated education in osteopathic medicine. This institution will help me in experiencing the full scope of osteopathic medicine and philosophy with all the accompanying diversity. Ohio University of Osteopathic Medicine also offers ample avenues for further research.

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