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2021The local Restaurant Association continually does research on trends and changing customer preferences. You research study for this fall semester will focus on how customers prefer to order their food at moderately priced restaurants. Moderately priced restaurants are identified with $$ beside their name in yelp or google with prices ranging from $11- $30 with an average of $15 per person. Do customers prefer self-service ordering at either the restaurant counter, an electronic device, or full service at the table with a server taking their order?

1. Research Question (Provide 3 different references)

a. What is a research question?

b. Why is it important

c. Provide an example research question from the topic above.

2. Hypothesis (Provide 3 different references)

a. What is hypothesis?

b. Why is it important?

c. What is null hypothesis?

d. Provide an example of a hypothesis from the topic above.

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